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Cleaning Tips for Your car That are low Cost

Created: 24/05/2018

Everyone loves to have a clean car but no one wants to spend a lot of money doing so. Here are some tips to keep your car clean without being expensive.

Bangkok’s Hidden Walks

Created: 10/05/2018

Bangkok’s hidden walks is another way of saying these are some hidden gems that you should visit while in Bangkok and most are within walking distance of where you are staying. For offbeat travelers, Bangkok is a cultural Mecca. Many eye-catching attractions will offer you a very unusual experience.

Staying safe whilst driving over Songkran

Created: 08/04/2018

Every year the people of Thailand celebrate the traditional Thai New Year from April 13-15 but can start as early as April 11 and not end until April 17. It starts out with a visit their local temple and their grandparents home to receive blessings dressed in new clothes.

Rent a Car Club pioneering the way with Instant Booking

Created: 08/03/2018

Rent a Car Club knows that instant booking car rental has benefits for both car owners and car rental customers alike. The ability to automatically book a vehicle and receive confirmation that it will be available on the days and times needed can take the hassle out of renting a car, especially for travelers.

Minivans vs SUV's which best suits your family?

Created: 14/02/2018

Wheels up for carpool season. There are two preferred means of transport vehicles. These are Minivans and SUVs vehicles. They are good for family trips if you want to travel by road. In the twenties, Minivans was the major means of road transport used by the American families.

Best beaches in Thailand

Created: 07/01/2018

The best months to go to Thailand are from March through to June. These months are generally hot making them the best months to go to the beaches in Thailand. So enjoy summer at the beach of your choice as much as you can before it is over. Thailand has some of the best beaches in the worlds get your car rental and drive down to any of the following.

Tips to take the best pictures that will boost your rentals

Created: 22/12/2017

Without a doubt, great pictures attract more customers. Vehicles with the right pictures that give the potential customer a better view of the interior and exterior of the vehicle stand a better chance at getting hired. If your car is great and in good working condition, the best way to attract people to it is through taking the right pictures.

Why my car is a money-eating monster?

Created: 13/11/2017

Uncover the exact costs and expenses of your car; discover how to reduce them by linking your vehicle on Rent a car club. Cars are very expensive to maintain. If you have your own vehicle you co-exist with a monster. Some expenses are variable and others are fixed in that they are incurred without even using the car.

Rent a Car in Thailand

Created: 05/10/2017

Rent a car club has created a user friendly platform to enable peer2peer car sharing. It’s a simple means for car owners and people in need of hiring services to meet. It works in two main ways owners list their vehicles and the users create accounts to hire the cars.

Rental Cars in Phuket

Created: 29/09/2017

The car rental market in Thailand has undergone major developments over the past few years and now it is easy to access reliable and affordable rental car in most of the cities and towns in the country. Among them is Phuket, the capital city of the Phuket province.