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Bangkok’s Hidden Walks

Bangkok’s hidden walks is another way of saying these are some hidden gems that you should visit while in Bangkok and most are within walking distance of where you are staying. For offbeat travelers, Bangkok is a cultural Mecca. Many eye-catching attractions will offer you a very unusual experience. It is a destination for historical, gourmet, and cultural odysseys. One sight you should see is The Golden Buddha. It is the biggest statue that has ever been made from pure gold and weighs five and a half tons. It is Chinatown’s hidden treasure. You can even assemble your offerings to this statue as the locals do while humming their daily prayers. The official name of the Buddha is Phra Phuttha Maha Suwan Patimakon.

Forensic Medicine Museum

For those with a curious mind this is a place you must make visit. You will be able to observe many ancient pathological remains. You should also make a stop at the Pathology Museum. While there, you can see a number of chambers that have been preserved. The chambers contain the remains of babies that were genetically impaired. If your mind heads toward medical idiosyncrasies, there are many scientific exhibits that have a big collection of parasites. If you or any one in your party is sensitive then you may want to skip this one because they also have in this museum a collection of bodies that have been embalmed of the most notorious convicts in Thailand.

Pak Khlong Talad

If flowers are more your style then you need to visit here. This is the largest flower market in Bangkok. This flower market can be found in the Old City and you have a choice of roses, camations, orchids, daisies, to name a few. Make sure that you take the time to visit this market and pick up some unique souvenirs


This is a floating village that many tourists do not notice because of its size and the small population but it the second most popular one in Bangkok. When you visit this floating village, you will find delicious seafood delicacies that fit into your budget. It is found fifty kilometers outside of Bangkok and is a good place to visit on the weekend. Two delicacies that are popular with the tourists are the herb shellfish or grilled prawns.  

Erawan Museum

When visitors visit this museum, a three-headed elephant that sits majestically on a large pedestal greets them. The museum is cast in a pure green hued copper and is inspired. You will find this museum in Samut Prakan and it contains an art collection that is exquisite.

Baan Silapin

This is also known as the Artist’s House. It consists of an old wood hut you can only access through a Khlong. Once inside you will see the ethnicity of the culture of Bangkok and offers its visitors a variety of unique exhibits. It is famous also for its galleries and puppetry shows.

These are just some of the many different Bangkok’s walks you can see while on your trip there.

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