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If you should have to file an insurance claim here are some times to help you make it a smooth process.

  • Send in all documents required as soon as possible—this is the most important thing you should do immediately if you can. This will help to make sure that your claim is handled smoothly and swiftly. If your claim is not complete and has missing documents, that will delay the process.
  • Be responsive—make sure that the insurance companies are able to get in touch with you during the entire process as they may have questions or have a request or more information or documents. They may also need to clarify things. If they cannot contact you, this will also delay the settling of the claim
  • Be patient—this is sometimes hard to do. You want it done, over with, and settled. Also, be patient and do not call the insurance company on a daily basis or several times a day. They will get to you as soon as they have updates. Continually calling to check on your claim can cause delays as they are busy talking to you and not working on your claim. It is a slow process as they want to make sure everything is accurate and both parties are treated fairly and accurately. With each claim there is you, the driver, and the insurance companies. After filling a claim it can take weeks, maybe even a couple of months, to get all the documents from both parties involved and figure out what is right and wrong. It also takes time to examine the extent of the damage and reach a fair settlement.

Filing a claim

  • If the driver tells you that they have been in an accident, make sure that the driver takes pictures, and make sure that they get an accident statement. When they get back, file an insurance claim.
  • Fill out the damage report and rental agreement with the driver. Access the damage report or accident report and make sure that both you and the driver sign it so your claim is completed. Make sure that you and the driver both have a copy.
  • Report the incident to the insurance company, which should be done within two days at the end of the trip. Send in the documents that the insurance company asks for, making sure that you have a copy of each form.

By doing following these steps you will know that your claim will be settled as soon as possible once you have in all the forms that the insurance company needs. If there were injuries make sure that you also send in any hospital or emergency room reports to be covered from that expenditure. Once they have the necessary information, an adjuster will be sent out to look at the car and see if it is repairable or needs to be totaled. Accidents are serious and you should make sure that you are treating the claims as such.

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