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Hire Out Other People’s Cars

Created: 30/05/2019

Sharing cars within a neighbourhood will make a community grow in the right direction. It gives one the flexibility to drive and be driven when you want and with the car you want to be driven in. This is mutually beneficial as you are able to make some savings as well as earn some money.

Rent a Car - The Airbnb For cars!

Created: 11/04/2019

We all know of Airbnb. People from all over the world are able to make thousands of dollars every month from renting out extra space in their homes or their entire house. Homeowners partner with Airbnb, list out their homes/rooms and simply sit back and make money from guests.

Find  a few points from Ying, one of our most popular car owners

Created: 13/03/2019

We always get excited when we hear testimonies of our community members creating close friendships because of car sharing. Sometime before the festive break, we happened to meet up with Ying, who always has his car out on Rent A Car. That encounter with Ying gave us a chance to talk about what caused him to list his car, the friendships he had created and also advice he had for other car owners.

Off the Beaten Track in Thailand: Places you can Only get to by Car

Created: 30/11/2018

When you visit Thailand you will find that it is a beautiful, vibrant, yet relaxing place to visit. One thing that makes this country a great vacation destination is that there are places you can visit off the beaten track. Just rent a car Bangkok or rent a car Thailand and enjoy visiting these destinations.

Seven Awesome New Years Road Trips From Bangkok

Created: 14/11/2018

When in Bangkok on New Year’s there are many road trips for you to do. The first thing you need to do is rent a car Bangkok but make sure you make reservations in advance to ensure you get a car. You can also use the rent a car club for your transportation.

How to Make Your Rent-a-car Clubs Listing More Visible

Created: 02/11/2018

When rent a car Thailand the best way to do it is to use rent a car club. All you have to do is select the location where you want to pick up the car and date. You will be renting a car from real owners and you will meet them at the location you have selected. You will be allowed to inspect the car before you accept the keys.

A Driving Guide Bangkok to Pattaya

Created: 22/10/2018

On the drive from Bangkok to Pattaya there is no need to be in a hurry. There are many different places in which you could stop for a leisurely visit or spend several days. Make it your vacation of a lifetime and be sure to bring your camera to take lots of pictures.

Festive Places in Thailand

Created: 03/09/2018

In April, Thailand has the Songkran Festival and there are five provinces that you should visit during this time. This festival is celebrating Thailand’s New Year. It is one of the biggest water fights in the world. The festival is celebrated throughout Thailand but each providence offers their own twist on the festival.

Favorite Travel Gadgets

Created: 24/08/2018

Today, on the market, there are many different travel gadgets. All will make your traveling easier. One category where many travelers look for favorite gadgets is technical. This can cover many areas but here are some of the most favorite.

Eco-Friendly Driver - How to Become One

Created: 21/08/2018

What exactly does being eco-friendly refer to in general? It means that you should not create harm to the environment along with helping to prevent any harm from occurring. It can be something as simple as separating things you throw in the trash and recycling what you can or turning lights off when you leave the room.