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For Renters

Register and Rent a Car in Thailand

Register & Rent

Creating a FREE account only takes a few taps, and swipes, before you know it your license and account will be verified. Once your account is verified you can send rental requests to all cars that are suitable to your needs. Once you have found the car of your choice the car owner will confirm the availability of the vehicle within a matter of hours.

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Pay, Confirm ,Collect & Enjoy

Once you have been approved by the owner of your desired car payment will be taken to confirm your rental booking. The next step is to just pick up the keys with a full tank of petrol at the agreed time and location. You’ll need to bring your driving license with you, as well as a copy of the rental agreement. The owner will check these documents at the meetup point.

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Return & Review

On the car rental expiry date we would ask you to please return the rental vehicle with a full tank of petrol to the agreed location and time. Once you have given the keys back please leave a fair review about your rental experience. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support team.

For Owners

List Your Car with Rentacarclub in Thailand

List Your Car

List your car on Rent A Car Club for free. Approve or reject the reservation request. You are always in the driving seat over who rents your car and when!

Approve & Confirm Your Car

Approve & Confirm

Once a renter selects your vehicle, and you approve the rental request. The renter will be sent a request to pay for their the booking after this take place we will send you confirmation that the rental is confirmed and paid.

Rent a Car in Thailand

Hand Over The Car

Meet the renter at the agreed location, make sure to go over the rental agreement checklist and sign it together. Finally give them a quick tour of your car before handing over the keys to your vehicle.

Luxury Car Rental in Thailand

Get Paid

Meet the renter at the agreed return location, make sure to check with the renter that the condition of your car is the same as it was at the start of the rental. You will receive your earnings within 7 days after the rental is confirmed.

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For Renters

To be able to rent a car through Rent A Car Club you must:
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Hold a valid driving licence to drive internationally.
And have not:
  • Had more than one accident in the last 5 years
  • Been convicted of or has a prosecution pending for any other criminal act other than parking offences or one speeding offence in your driving records.

Before a rental is confirmed, it goes through a quick validation procedure, wherein, Rent A Car Club checks the personal information and payment details of the renter to make sure:

  • The driver meets all Rent A Car Club terms and conditions
  • The renter meets the age and driving experience requirements necessary to enable our full comprehensive cover, provided by Viriyah insurance 

Please note: All checks we run are to make the experience of renting a car easier and safer. We achieve it by making sure renters are eligible to rent a car before the money is charged to their accounts, and ensuring a safe trip. All of it is with the aim to continue to build a safe and trustful community both for renters and car owners, who can have peace of mind knowing their cars are covered and in good hands.

  1. Complete your profile: at Rent A Car Club we’re all about building a community of like-minded drivers and car owners! We, therefore, advise you to fill out your profile and include information about yourself so owners feel comfortable renting their car out to you.
  2. Get your licence verified: our support team is on hand and can verify your licence in under 3 hours, normally it is within minutes.
  3. Find a car: go to our home page and search by location and date to find a car that best suits you. After getting to the search results page, you will be able to refine the results further by selecting specific filters like price, make, mileage limit, features and more!
  4. Send rental requests: Once you have selected one car a message will be sent to the car owner asking them to accept your booking.
  5. Receive response and choose: Car owners of the requested cars will pre-approve or reject your booking request. As soon as you start receiving approvals, choose between all pre-approved cars the one you like the best and pay for your booking.
  6. Enter payment details and complete the booking: Once you have chosen your preferred car, simply complete the payment to confirm the booking. Once the booking is confirmed, you will receive an email with the rental agreement.
  7. Pick up the car: When it has been decided on who (either you or the owner) will print out and bring the mandatory rental agreement, you will meet the owner to sign the said agreement and receive the keys. You must bring your driving licence, which will be checked by the car owner. 
  8. After the rental: Add a review regarding your experience with the owner and the owner's vehicle. The review will be displayed on the owner's profile page.
  • Be honest concerning all the information you provide to Rent A Car Club and car owners
  • Return the car clean and tidy, with the same fuel level as when you picked it up. 
  • Be punctual for pick-up and drop-off of the car. This is also a responsibility of the car owner, so maintain mutual respect
  • Honour the bookings you have placed. A no-show is considered an issue at Rent A Car Club and you may be requested to pay an extra charge
  • Be respectful and honest with the car owner

It is in everyone’s interest to have a safe and trusted community, where people can rent cars without worrying. Before you can rent a vehicle on Rent A Car Club you must have your licence verified by our support team. If you’re in doubt whether you are eligible to rent a car on Rent A Car Club, check our driver eligibility requirements.


After you upload your licence details, our support team will check your details and either approve or rejected, if your licence is rejected there will be a reason give for example an image is not clear.

Cars offering ‘Instant Booking’ are marked on the platform with a yellow lightning bolt. A car with this label means that the car owner has pre-approved all bookings. Renters can book these cars instantly without having to wait for the owner to confirm the rental request. This guarantees that renters find a car quickly, while also providing them the same coverage associated with other Rent A Car Club rentals.

How it works?

Choose the dates for your trip and click on the ‘Instant Booking’ filter on the search results page. Once you make your booking request, it will go through a fast validation process. The rental agreement will be sent to both the car owner and renter. Additionally, the contact information (phone number) of both parties will be included so that the renter and owner are able to contact each other and agree on the pickup location. 

No, this option is not available on Rent A Car Club as all payments must be made online using only a credit card (debit cards or cash are not allowed) this is for the car owners security.

Making payment on our platform online also ensures that the car is insured fully during the rental period. Without this, your booking won’t be considered as being done via our platform. Therefore, the car would not be insured by Rent A Car Club.

Insurance pricing depends on the car type

Our comprehensive insurance policy, which covers renters during their trip duration varies from 259 Baht a day for small cars to 603 Baht a day for luxury cars.

In the event of an accident or if the car is damaged during the rental period, the renter will be asked to pay the insurance excess 3,000 Baht.  

For Owners

To list your vehicle, your car will need to meet our eligibility requirements, which include a valid annual insurance policy, paid taxes for your vehicle.

Please note that the oldest car allowed by Viriyah to be insured is 10 years old. 

Contact us at support@rentacarclub.com if you need any advice.

To list your vehicle, you’ll need to supply the following:

  • Your car's year, make, model, number plate and mileage.
  • Pictures from the outside and inside of your car
  • A description of the vehicle, pointing out any special features the vehicle has.
  • An address for locating your car on our map, so renters can know where they could pick it up from.
  • Your contact details, so renters can know from whom they'll be renting from.
  • A bank account, so we can transfer your earnings to you.

Expensive to buy and expensive to maintain; cars are a huge investment.

Cars depreciate in value by aging, faster than almost any other possession we own.

Rent A Car Club provides a platform whereby car owners are able to earn money with their vehicle safely and conveniently while we handle complications such as insurance.

Rent A Car Club offers many great benefits for car owners:

  • It's completely free to join and you can keep your car listed for as long as you want.
  • We insure all rentals.
  • You set the price at which you wish to rent out your car.
  • There are no minimum commitments, and you choose who can rent your car, when they can rent and how long for.
  • We screen all drivers before they can request a trip with your vehicle.
  • Safe and assured payment.
  • You'll be joining a community of forward-minded people all benefiting from the sharing economy.
  • Sharing your car with others is also a great way to use resources in a smarter way, helping the world to become more sustainable.

To list your car with Rent A Car Club you must be the owner and registered keeper of the car.

Criteria for car eligibility:

  • Be a passenger car
  • Do not have more than 7 seats including the driver's seat
  • Have valid road tax
  • Have an annual insurance policy
  • The car must not be used for commercial transport of goods or people.
  • Attend basic conditions such as being clean and safe to drive and in good condition both internally and externally.

ATTENTION: If the owner of the car does not fulfil the stated requirements, the car will not be insured by our Viriyah comprehensive insurance policy and the responsibility for any damage during the rental period will rely on the owner of the vehicle. 

Everyone that wants to rent cars through Rent A Car Club must provide the following information:

    • Have a valid drivers license
    • Have no speeding or drinking convictions in the past 5 years.
    • Have had no more than 2 accidents in the past 3 years.
    • Full name, visible profile picture, telephone and address.
    • Valid payment information.

    No, this option is not available on Rent A Car Club as all payments must be made online (using only a credit) in order for our payment gateway to charge the accurate amount.

    Making payment on our platform online also ensures that the car is insured fully during the rental period. Without this, your booking won’t be considered as being done via our platform. Therefore, the car would not be insured by Rent A Car Club and in case of a breakdown or damage, Rent A Car Club cannot provide coverage and assistance, neither can our Roadside Assistance be used. 

    Restricting the payment method to ONLY a credit card is also part of our safety policies. When renters enter their card details it enables us to charge renters cancellation fees, fuel and cleaning fees and the insurance excess in case it's necessary.

    You can list your car on Rent A Car Club for free. Rent A Car Club simply takes a 20% commission of the total cost of a rental (excluding delivery fees), which is known as the "Car owner service" fee. Car owners receive the rest of the share, 80% of the total.

    This fee helps us cover the cost of offering car insurance, running our online booking platform, marketing costs, and supports staff.

    The earnings will be transferred to the car owner's account once the rental has ended.


    2-day rental with the vehicle listed at 600 Baht/day

    Total rental price: 2 X 600 Baht = 1,200 Baht

    Car owner service fee = 240 Baht

    Total earnings = 960 Baht

    Rent A Car Club has obtained a specific insurance policy to cover your vehicle during the period it is rented with us if it fullfils all the requirements to be listed. This insurance cover supersedes existing car insurance (which you legally must have in any case), activating on the moment of the key exchange and replacing your car insurance for the period of the rental.

    If something unfortunate happens when you rent your car with Rent A Car Club, we believe your insurance policy should not be affected - any claims during the rental are against our policy.

    Our liability policy protects you against lawsuits for injuries and property damages that occur during the rental period. Our policy also protects your vehicle from collision losses that may occur during the rental period.

    There’s no need to advise your insurance company and your No Claims Discount is fully protected.

    The cost of covering your car with Viriyah's separate insurance policy while it is being rented is already included in the rental price.

    As a car owner, you will not incur any additional costs to have your car covered by our insurance during the rental period.

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