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Rent a Car Club Bangkok

Bangkok has distinguished itself as a reputable tourist destination. The city offers insight into the rich culture of Thailand indigenous people. This waterfront district is a great place to find meaningful religious sites, fantastic restaurants and incredible marketplaces to indulge in a little shopping.

Visiting this vibrant city is a once in a lifetime opportunity and the best what to take in the beautiful architecture and culture is to rent a car. This option opens up your options not limiting your freedom to explore at your own pace. Short term or long term renting saves you the hassle of tuk-tuks and buses as well as the money you would have otherwise spent.

Fortunate enough,there is a new player in the market offering rent a car services. Rent a Car Club is a peer-to–peer Rental Company that allows contact between the owner of the car and the individual renting. Whether you are an individual traveler, accompanied by family or a taking a group vacation, there is a wide range of models offered with a choice of size and style that suits your preference.

How to go about the booking process?

Visit the Rent a Car Club website and easily sign in. The interface is easy to use for both the car owners and renter. Create a user profile indicating whether you are there as a car owner or someone interested in renting. You could also simply download the android app on you iPhone or Apple IOS app and quickly feel out what required. New users on the site are able to seek out cars via location, cost, model and features. The club requires:

For long term renting

Provisions have been put in place for the frequent visitor to Bangkok. A quick check with Rent a Car Club confirms how smooth the service can be. Depending on how long you intend on keeping the car, a quotation will be availed to you with a summary of what you are being offered.

After the specifics are taken out of the way, you and the owner meet up and after inspection, you are handed the keys.

Why go for Rent a Car Club services?

Rent a Car Club is a new entrant in the rental car industry and is designed to meet the need of the modern market place. The company has created a peer-to-peer renting system. On their easy to navigate site, car owners and people interested in renting meet up and interact freely. The database has a wider selection from flashier cars to more practical family cars.

The system Rent a Car Club has created makes the whole process more personal and the cars are more affordable and well maintained than the non-peer-to-peer rental companies.

Rent a car that is safe and insured from its owner and have an amazing time in Bangkok; the tourist nerve-center of Southeast Asia.

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