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Rent a Car Club pioneering the way with Instant Booking

Rent a Car Club knows that instant booking car rental has benefits for both car owners and car rental customers alike. The ability to automatically book a vehicle and receive confirmation that it will be available on the days and times needed can take the hassle out of renting a car, especially for travelers.

For car owners, instant booking car rental reduces the administration involved in responding to individual requests, and by automating reservation management, many car owners find that they not only save time but also increase their rental revenues.

How does it work?

Rent a Car Club’s instant booking feature makes it quicker and simpler to rent a car. It automates the process by which cars are rented, making it possible for those looking for car rentals to match a vehicle’s availability to their needs and book it on the spot. Car owners determine settings like pick up and drop off times and how long in advance a request needs to be made.

Renters simply choose the dates of their trip and use the ‘instant booking’ filter to find cars that meet their criteria. Once they have chosen, our quick validation process means that they can book it immediately, make a payment, and receive the rental agreement and confirmation by email. The confirmation email is also sent to the car owner and includes contact details for both parties.

Benefits of instant booking car rental for car renters

With instant booking, those looking for convenient and reliable rentals can easily filter their search to listings that match their requirements. They are able to book immediately and make any initial credit card payments at the same time.

Renting a car in advance often means finding the best price and one tailored to your budget. Seasoned travellers know that the closer to their travel dates that they rent a car, the more expensive it is likely to be, with advance car rental prices as much as 70% cheaper in advance.

Instant booking is only available to renters who have completed their Rent a Car Club profile and meet the requirements for the service which include proof of age and a full valid driving license.

Benefits of instant booking car rental for car owners

With instant booking, car owners can automate their availability and that of the vehicles they own. No longer needing to manually review each booking request can translate into more business because cars that can be rented instantly are more popular with travelers looking for ways to simplify planning for their trip. Customers can find instant book car rentals using our search filters and car owners who use the service often improve their search ranking. It is important, however, for car owners to keep their availability up-to-date, as not doing so can affect a car owner’s responsive rating scores and even lead to restriction of their ability to use the service.

Car owners have the power to turn instant booking on and off and the option to contact us with any concerns about those who have booked one of their vehicles using the service.

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