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Favorite Travel Gadgets

Today, on the market, there are many different travel gadgets. All will make your traveling easier. One category where many travelers look for favorite gadgets is technical. This can cover many areas but here are some of the most favorite.  

Moment Wide-Angle Lens

Whether you are a professional photographer or just one that wants to make sure they have great pictures to document their trip or honeymoon this is one little photography travel gadget you should consider purchasing. It does not clip to your camera but to your cell phone. In today’s world, many people use their cell phone to take pictures. This gadget just clips onto your cell phone and help to improve the quality of your photos. Using it can help to eliminate the need to lug around a camera in order to get great pictures. For some who use this little lens they have switched to taking photos one hundred percent with their cell phone. It is small enough that you can fit it in a woman’s person. It will enable you to take wide-angle pictures like a professional.  

Anker Power Core 10000 Portable Charger

This charger hold approximately 4 iPhone’s worth of charges. It can also be used to charge your iPad. It is lightweight and small so you can easily fit it in a purse or travel carry case.  


Many people who use a Kindle but also want a computer have switched to an iPad because it is easy to use when you are traveling. If you are a business person using this travel gadget will let you do your work that you would do in the office when traveling but when you need to relax it can become your book reader, play games on it, listen to music, etc. It is small and lightweight so it is easier to used and carry. It enables you to carry just one electronic device. Much more convenient;

Phasier Bluetooth Headphones

These are Bluetooth Barbuda and can be used on your iPhone. This one also comes with eight different tip attachments and a little carrying case. With the attachments there is sure to be one that will fit comfortably into your ears. They also come with a carrying case so you do not use them. One thing that you need to remember to do is to charge them each night so they will be ready for use the next day.

Boaw Mini Soundlink II Speaker

This small speaker fits in your suitcase and enables you to play your favorite music when you are in your hotel room. It can connect too many different devices so whatever music you are listening to can be heard throughout the room a lot easier.   

Travel Adapter Power Strip

For travelers that do a lot of international travel this is necessary. International travel will have you staying in different places that have different outputs. Using this power strip will help to eliminate how many different adaptors you will have to carry with you.

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