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Rent a Car Club partner with Omise

We are pleased to announce The Rent a Car Corporation Ltd partnership with Omise as our new payment gateway. The company facilitates online payments providing users with the necessary tools to run an online business and accept payments connecting them with millions of potential customers.

Partnership with Viriyah | Rent a Car Club Bangkok

Shopping for auto insurance just got much easier. At Thai Rent a Car Club we are happy to announce that we’ve have joined forces with Viriyah to offer our clients reliable and efficient car policies. Announcing the partnership Viriyah praised the industry-changing partnership as a great way for our clients to quickly access auto insurance and save significantly on policies.

Peer to peer car rental with Rent a Car Club

Peer-to-peer car sharing platforms connect private car owners with would-be car renters. Unlike traditional car rentals, this offers real benefits to the user in terms of convenience, accountability and car variety. You can now rent a car that best suits your occasion at a price that meets your budget. This can be for an hour, day or week.

Renting cars in Thailand just got cheaper

Friendly and fun, exotic and tropical, cultured and historic, Thailand offers more than you could ever see in one trip. From its scintillating medieval temples, great food, tropical beaches and beautiful mountainous landscape to the vibrant culture, Thailand never fails to impress.

Peer to Peer car rental in Bangkok

Looking to rent a car in Bangkok? Rent a car club has a car for every occasion. From the everyday commuter to luxurious convertibles and family-friendly SUVs. Located at various points across the city, our cars are easily accessible. With no membership fees and insurance included, it’s never been easier and more affordable to rent a car when you need one.

Cheap car rentals in Bangkok

Rent a Car Club offers rental cars across Bangkok and its environs. Front saloon cars, compact sedans, convertibles to 4×4 wheel drives, the company has all your needs covered. Rent a Car Club allows you to rent a car in Bangkok for an hour, a day, the weekend or even longer, for an affordable price.

Rent a Car Club in Pattaya

Pattaya is a city on Thailand’s eastern Gulf coast known for its beaches and it’s well preserved and intact nature. As one of the post historically rich and diverse cities in Thailand, it attracts visitors in their droves from around the world.

Rent a Car in Koh Samui with Rent a Car Club

Koh Samui is the best spot, or perhaps even your ultimate paradise, for you to travel to in Thailand’s southern east-coast. Dubbed as Thailand’s second-most beautiful island, there are plenty of things to eat, activities to do and places to see, all waiting for you to explore its many wonders.

Renting a car in bangkok just got alot easier

If you are travelling to Bangkok and planning to stay here for a while, it would be most convenient for you if you rent a car during your stay. The reason for this is because Bangkok is not yet in a developed state when it comes to public transportation. Taxi car services in Bangkok are actually not something that we are proud to talk about, as they are not the safest way to travel.

Rent a Car Club can help you get to get around cheap!

Renting a car in thailand just got alot easier so if you want to go to a beach city that is not too faraway from the capital city Bangkok, you have two choices that you can choose from. One of the choices is Hua Hin, which is around 200 km away from Bangkok. Your second option is Pattaya, and the travelling distance from Bangkok is at 150 km.

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