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Partnership with Viriyah | Rent a Car Club Bangkok

Shopping for auto insurance just got much easier. At Thai Rent a Car Club we are happy to announce that we’ve have joined forces with Viriyah to offer our clients reliable and efficient car policies. Announcing the partnership Viriyah praised the industry-changing partnership as a great way for our clients to quickly access auto insurance and save significantly on policies. And with car insurance at the moment being at an all-time high, we’re positive that is a welcome move for many of our customers.

As the largest car rental in Thailand, we offer a wide variety of car rentals in most of the cities across the country. Without some kind of insurance when renting a car, our clients can be exposed to a considerable financial risk. Being involved in an accident without insurance coverage could cost you thousands of baht.

For over 70 years, Viriyah has been recognised as a leader in the insurance business for its extensive quality and worthwhile protection. The company has a long catalogue of insurance options giving customers the opportunity to access an insurance package that not only meets their needs but also their budget. The insurance provider offers both voluntary and compulsory car insurance with the current premiums ranging from 6,600 to 12,690. , depending on the choice of premium, car renters are protected from regular car damages, vehicle theft, damages due to floods and fire, third party liabilities, bail bonds and medical payments.

At Rent a Car Corporation Ltd we are driven by a commitment to taking the complex and pricey rental car policies and combining them with the regular auto insurance to make it more affordable. Through our new partnership with Viriyah.com, we aim to help all our customers, locals and tourists alike save money on car insurance in a new, quick and easy way.

Rent a Car Club always has great car rental options available. With 39 locations across Thailand, we make it easy for you to travel from A to B or plan that exciting road trip. From watching the marvels of the vast Thai countryside to commuting comfortably while in the city. What’s more, with a fleet of over 8000 plus cars there will always a car that meets your taste and budget.

Thailand is one of the most popular destinations in the world with millions of tourists from across the country. Our partnership with Viriyah will see to it that tourists are well covered when using our vehicles.

Whether you are a local or a tourist, if you are looking for a rental car, then the Rent a Club is your best option. Rent a Car corporation’s commitment to delivering personalised service and exceeding customer expectations has established us as the leading rental company in the country. We have teamed up with partners around the country to offer our customers great value when renting with us.

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