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If you are travelling to Bangkok and planning to stay here for a while, it would be most convenient for you if you rent a car during your stay. The reason for this is because Bangkok is not yet in a developed state when it comes to public transportation. Taxi car services in Bangkok are actually not something that we are proud to talk about, as they are not the safest way to travel. There have been a lot of cases where tourists in Bangkok have been tricked and deceived by the taxi drivers. As a result, they had to pay a lot more than the actual fare price. It also might seem that with the recent and on-going expansion of the skytrains and underground subways, travelling around in Bangkok must have become easier for its visitors. However, the fare prices are a bit expensive when compared to other neighbouring countries like China, Taiwan and South Korea. Also, taken into consideration on the fact that the skytrain and subway lines and stations are only clustered around the city centre, it is clear that using these kinds of public transportation is not your best alternative to getting around in Bangkok.

Driving in your own personal rental car is the key that can allow you to explore Bangkok in the most pleasurable and memorable experience. Whether you are on a family, leisure or business trip, being able to control your own adventures on the road means that there are no longer any time or place limitations to your travelling plans. With your rental car, you can now travel anywhere at anytime without having to worry that you will have to depend on those unpredictable and risky public transportations. Also, with the advanced technological developments of the 21st century, we currently already have a lot of tools in our hands that can help us navigate to certain places in cities that we are not well-accustomed with.

When you rent a car with rent a car club you will be able to taking in all the historical tourist attractions like the Grand Palace, there are many other things to do in Thailand’s capital city. If you like shopping, you should definitely visit Siam, which is the best spot to shop because it has a variety of commodities, ranging from hand-made products to high-end brands. If you would like to explore the night-life in Bangkok, Khao San Road is another interesting place to visit. If you are travelling with young children and are looking to find an outdoor activity, you can also visit our green parks. Rot Fai Park is located right next to the famous JJ Market which is open on the weekends, so you can also take the opportunity to take your family to shop there after having a walk in the park. Lumpini Park is located right in the city centre, near Siam area. Benjasiri Park is also another park where people like to go there to enjoy skateboarding and bicycling. As you can see, there are a ton of places to go to, and kid you not, you need a car to drive around for your trip to be worry-free. If you are interested in car rental, you can put your trust in our service at Rent A Car Club. We offer you a promising car rental service, just simply book a car in our website and you can have your car picked up upon your arrival in Bangkok and many other cities in Thailand.

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