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Festive Places in Thailand

In April, Thailand has the Songkran Festival and there are five provinces that you should visit during this time. This festival is celebrating Thailand’s New Year. It is one of the biggest water fights in the world. The festival is celebrated throughout Thailand but each providence offers their own twist on the festival.

Chiang Mai 

This providence is called the Rose of the North. It is known for one of the grandest celebrations in Thailand during this festive time. When they you can see the opening ceremony of this festival with a parade around the city. While here, you can also pour some water that is jasmine-scented on the elders and a Buddha image. You can also try out some of the different foods that are popular in this northern providence. Visitors can also watch Lanna-style cultural traditions and performances.


This providence is in the heart of Thailand and is a favorite place to celebrate the festival. This is where you will see the water fights, particularly around the Khao San Road. Make sure that if you want to participate in the water fights that you bring your water pistol.  


When celebrating in this providence you can be a witness to the procession of Phra Phuttha Sihing Buddha images along the Patong Beach. You can also use scented lustral water to pay homage to the elders. There will be a variety of events you can attend at the port, the Loma Public, and overlooking the Patong Beach at the Jungceylon activity plaza.


This providence is in an area that is surrounded by rice crops and here the festival is celebrated to ask for rain. During the day of the celebration, there is a parade during the day that will end up on Beach Road. Here there are cultural events that you can attend. Here the grand finale is also the water fight.  

Khon Kaen

This providence is found in the heart of Northeast Thailand. It is known as the Sticky Rice capital. Here you can see many different entertainment venues. Some of these include a food fair, the Petanque competition and a parade of ox carts, and so much more.  

Whether you visit any of these providences for this festive time of the year for fun, the water fight, religious worship, or all three, you will enjoy yourself. Make sure, if you are planning to visit the area that you make your hotel reservations in advance, as many of them fill up quickly. It is a great time to visit Thailand.  

After the festive time in one of these providences you should take time to visit Krabi, which is a on the southwest coast and is a beach town. This town will give you a chance to relax and enjoy the pristine beaches, and crystal clear waters. You can also snorkel, scuba dive, and rent kayaks to use on the waters. If you want to do some sightseeing, there are nearby temples and waterfalls. You should also visit Railay Beach that you can only access by boat. It has the best sunset in the country.

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