Renter Help

How can I cancel a booking as a renter?

To cancel a booking that is pending approval, follow the next steps:

  • Click on Rentals once you’re logged into your account
  • Select the trip you want to cancel
  • Click on Cancel

To Cancel a booking that has been approved please contact us 

If you have already paid for the booking, please take into account that Rent A Car Club either refunds the total rental amount or applies a cancellation fee depending on specific circumstances. See a list of these circumstances below:

The money will be refunded depending on the following:

  • If the rental is cancelled made within forty-eight(48) hours of the date when the car rental was booked, all funds minus 10% provided herein will be reimbursed to you and the processing fee will not be refunded.
  • If the rental is taking place in less than 48 hours, the processing fee will not be refunded and there is no refund of the rental fee.
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