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What if the renter has an accident?

If there is an incident while a renter is using a Rent A Car Club car, Thai traffic law states that the driver has the duty to stop, report the accident and give information or documents.

If, as an owner, the renter is involved in a road-traffic accident with a Rent A Car Club car and one or more of the following occurs:

  • anyone (other than the driver) is injured
  • another vehicle or any other property is damaged
  • an animal on the road or in another car is injured (but not an animal in the Rent A Car Club vehicle)
  • items such as a street lamp, bollard, road sign or any other normal street ‘furniture’ are damaged

Law states that the driver needs to stop and stay at the scene for a reasonable time.

The renter needs to provide the vehicle registration number, the car owner name and home address and his own name and address to anyone with reasonable grounds for asking for those details. Information about the vehicle and the car owner can be found in the rental agreement.

Where any injury is caused to another person, the renter also needs to provide the certificate of insurance we provide. We advise renters to explain any third party that Rent A Car Club insurance should be used in case of a claim (instead of the owner’s car insurance, which is linked to the car’s plate number).

Renters should also report the accident to the appropriate parties: the police if the renter failed to provide details at the accident scene, Viriyah and Rent A Car Club will not cover the accident as by law it states that an accident you must stop at the accident scene and contact the insurance provider.

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