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What if the renter is late or doesn't show up at the pick up of the car?

The renter of the vehicle should pick up the keys and the vehicle in the agreed place and at the time stated on the rental agreement. According to the "OIC" Office of Insurance Commission, Insurance starts and 16:30 and ends at 16:29 so if your booking ends at 16:29 your renter MUST return the car before or NO later than 16:29. Failure to do so will result in your car being driven with no insurance. 

It is very important that if the renter is going to bring the car back later in this example that you inform Rent a Car Club so we can issue the renter with one more days of insurance.

Outside of this VITAL time, There's a period of grace of 30 minutes when the rental is up to 4 days, and of 1 hour when the rental exceeds the 4 days.

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