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What if the renter gets a fine during the hire?

If the car owner receives a notification about a fine related to the rental period, the renter will be responsible to pay for the fine. 

The steps below explain how to proceed with passing on the penalty charge to the rightful driver 


  1. Locate on one of the pages of the PCN, the option to represent the ticket in the name of the renter (or if no option to do so, contact the issuer for instructions on how to do so). 
  2. Fill out the details required for passing on a Penalty Charge Notice in the representation section; including the details of the driver, which you can find on the rental agreement.
  3. Remember to put down the address of the renter in order for the issuing office to forward the PCN representation.
  4. Attach a copy of the rental agreement as proof that the rental took place at the time the ticket was issued.
  5. Send the PCN back to the address of the issuer such as provided on the form of representation (or if possible, scan the documents above and forward these to the given contact address via email).

We kindly ask that you carry out the above mentioned steps before the 14 day deadline. If this deadline is missed, owners will take the responsibility for paying any additional fees incurred.

As compensation for the hassle, we will transfer 300 Baht to your bank account.


* We advise you to contact the renter about the fine so he/she is aware that has to pay the fee.

** There is no need to contact Rent A Car Club again once this document has been sent off, but please do keep evidence of receipt and rental agreement.

If the renter refuses to pay the fee, violating the Rent A Car Club policies which he had previously accepted, please advise us by sending an email to support@rentacarclub.com and we will charge the amount due and will deposit the money in the car owner's account.

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