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What do I need to do when I receive a request?

When you receive a rental request from a renter you have two options to either pre-approve or reject a rental request.

If you click the "Message" button to send the renter a message to get more information, this is not a sufficient response, after obtaining information from the renter you must either pre-approve or reject a request. 

The faster you respond to rental requests, the higher your response rating! Always try to respond promptly to all booking requests.

When you receive a rental request, you will get an email notification and SMS text message sent to the email address and mobile number registered on your Rent A Car Club profile. In addition to these messages you can also view pending rental requests in the bookings section on your Rent A Car Club account.

The dates included in a rental request will be automatically blocked on your calendar if you approve the request, so other renters won't be able to request your car for those dates. There's no need to update your calendar.

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