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How do I list my car on Rent A Car Club?

To list your vehicle, your car will need to meet our eligibility requirements, which include a valid annual insurance policy, paid taxes for your vehicle.

Please note that the oldest car allowed by Viriyah to be insured is 10 years old. 

Contact us at support@rentacarclub.com if you need any advice.

To list your vehicle, you’ll need to supply the following:

  • Your car's year, make, model, number plate and mileage.
  • Pictures from the outside and inside of your car
  • A description of the vehicle, pointing out any special features the vehicle has.
  • An address for locating your car on our map, so renters can know where they could pick it up from.
  • Your contact details, so renters can know from whom they'll be renting from.
  • A bank account, so we can transfer your earnings to you.

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