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Who is responsible for the vehicle's normal “wear and tear”?

Ordinary “wear and tear” naturally occurs over a period of time when one uses (and rents out) a car. The car owner is not protected against normal wear and tear, nor is the renter responsible for wear and tear resulting from normal use of the vehicle.

Wear and tear may include but is not limited to: worn out mechanical parts like brakes, engine parts and suspension, electronics failures, minor scuffing of the interior surfaces, as well as small damages associated with street parking and the like, such as small scratches, abrasions and small nicks or dents to the exterior, including car wheels.

Renters are fully responsible for damages that they have caused that go beyond normal wear and tear. Rent A Car Club does not provide renters protection for any:

  • Significant damage in the interior of the car
  • Damage that is caused by misuse, improper driving or prohibited uses of the vehicle. Mechanical damage resulting from improper driving may include but is not limited to: suspension damage from running into curbs or over speed bumps at high speed, clutch damage from rough driving and continued driving with warning indicator lights illuminated.

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