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How does Instant Booking work?

The instant booking feature allows renters to reserve a car instantly without the need to wait for the car owner to confirm the booking. Once a renter selects a car, they can pay for it without needing a response from the car owner. A confirmation email will then be sent to both parties with the rental agreement form, which includes all the information regarding the rental dates and the renter themselves.

Since Rent A Car Club only authorizes instant bookings for previously screened renters, instant booking is a safe way for owners to increase their earnings. Renters must meet all the requirements to be considered safe drivers. Additionally, the owner's car is insured through Viriyah's comprehensive insurance for the duration of the rental period.

Cars that offer Instant Booking are highlighted as such in the search listing and on the car details page.

Once the renter sends the request, both parties will receive -as is the case with any other Rent A Car Club rental- the rental agreement. The form needs to be completed and signed by both parties before the delivery of the car.

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