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How much money can I earn by listing my car on Rent A Car Club?

Rent A Car Club will never limit how much you can earn from renting your car. Your earnings will depend solely on how attractive your listing is. There are a lot of things you can do to increase a renter's interest in your car and to maximize your earnings.

The attractiveness of your car will depend a lot on its price. The price must be accessible and compatible with the car's characteristics (model, year, location, etc.). We recommend that you go with our suggested price that is offered when you list your car. Utilizing this price suggestion will cause your car to be competitive, as well as attractive. Our price suggestion is based on rigorous market analysis, and will help you attract more bookings and maximize your earnings.

From the total price that you set for your car, Rent A Car Club collects a small fee every time a rental occurs, while you keep the 80% of the price.

The following table shows an example of the calculation based on the average price of a rental, which is 600 Baht per day:

Days rented a month Earnings a month Earnings a year
2 (a weekend) 1,200 B14,400 B
42,400 B28,800 B
84,800 B 57,600 B
106,000 B72,000 B
159,000 B108,000 B
2012,000 B144,000 B
3018,000 B216,000 B

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