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What are the conditions my car needs to fulfil to be roadworthy?

Your car needs to pass the following checks to be roadworthy:

  • Tyres all have adequate tread depth and are not worn;
  • The Handbrake works;
  • Engine noise is not excessive or unusual;
  • Electric / Manual windows work;
  • Mirrors adjust;
  • Side mirrors are free from cracks;
  • Seats adjust;
  • Seat belts are present and work;
  • Headlights, indicators, brake lights and reversing lights work;
  • Any chips on windscreen are noted;
  • The in-car entertainment and other peripherals work; and
  • Washer fluid is present.

It is important that your vehicle fulfil the conditions above, as we recommend renters to inspect the roadworthiness of the car before the start of the rental period.

If the car renter reasonably believes the vehicle is not roadworthy, the renter may cancel the booking in accordance with our cancellation policies.

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