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Why should I hire my car out with Rent A Car Club?

Expensive to buy and expensive to maintain; cars are a huge investment.

Cars depreciate in value by aging, faster than almost any other possession we own.

Rent A Car Club provides a platform whereby car owners are able to earn money with their vehicle safely and conveniently while we handle complications such as insurance.

Rent A Car Club offers many great benefits for car owners:

  • It's completely free to join and you can keep your car listed for as long as you want.
  • We insure all rentals.
  • You set the price at which you wish to rent out your car.
  • There are no minimum commitments, and you choose who can rent your car, when they can rent and how long for.
  • We screen all drivers before they can request a trip with your vehicle.
  • Safe and assured payment.
  • You'll be joining a community of forward-minded people all benefiting from the sharing economy.
  • Sharing your car with others is also a great way to use resources in a smarter way, helping the world to become more sustainable.

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