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Minivans vs SUV's which best suits your family?

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There are two preferred means of transport vehicles. These are Minivans and SUVs vehicles. They are good for family trips if you want to travel by road.

In the twenties, Minivans was the major means of road transport used by the American families. You could not miss a Toyota Sienna or a Honda Odyssey on the roads. Things have now changed, and SUVs has come on top. It is the most popular at the moment, both to the manufactures and the families of America. The SUVs have been improved, and they are efficient. The vehicle that suits your family’s need is what you go for because of both Minivans and SUVs ok in different ways.


Minivans are practically a good choice for many families. When looking for a car rental ensure you get the right vehicle. The seating capacity for Minivans is more than for SUVs. Minivans are generally more spacious, and they have removable and sliding seats.

Minivans have more space for cargo considering the middle seats can be folded hence providing more cargo space. The recent manufactured Honda Odyssey has 148.5 cubic feet space for cargo. The new Chevy Suburban has 12.7 cubic feet space for cargo.

Both Minivans and SUVs are known for safety, and the crash comparison is equally the same. The sliding doors help people to get in and out of the vehicle fast. You can hardly swap the door of the car parked next. The sliding door makes it easier for you to offload goods in your hands. The lower entry level is also good for the kids and the aged.

Minivans though not the very best in comfort consume less fuel than the SUVs of the same size. Minivans have a low based level, and so they do very well on a ski trip. There is only one Minivan that offers all-wheel drive which is the Swagger Wagon.

To avoid kids from messing up the interior of the vehicle, you can go for one with leather and fully loaded in-car entertainment system with screens and DVD players.


SUVs are normally in different shapes and sizes. They have a wide range of variables such as full-size trucks and crossovers. Most manufacturers like Mazda and Bentley make SUVs. You cannot miss one that suits your needs budget. We are going to compare the larger three-row SUVs.

Seven people can be enough to seat in a three-row SUV. Ford Expedition or Chevrolet Suburban can seat eight people.Current SUVs are proportioned and therefore unlike the Minivans, lack the seat flexibility that allows for more space.

SUVs bigger vehicles suffer less crash due to higher seating positions which provide a better view, some SUVs are very good for severe, harsh weather. The four-wheel drive and the height make the SUVs best for harsh driving conditions. Most SUVs are stronger than Minivans.

The luxurious SUV models like the Audi Q7, Range Rover Sport, and BMW X5 can give you the best driving experience.

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