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Rent a Car in Thailand

Every other time situations where we need to hire cars arise!

Either for a road trip, to run errands, going for a meeting or as tourist one becomes in need of affordable means of transport.

Worry no more, one can now rent a car easily from the comfort of a phone. Rent a car club enables someone to hire cars easily anywhere around Thailand.The company that is based in Thailand enables peer2peer sharing which is the process of sharing of cars between two members at a fee. The platform enables owners of cars to make money and users to acquire cars on hire.

How it works

Rent a car club has created a user friendly platform to enable peer2peer car sharing. It’s a simple means for car owners and people in need of hiring services to meet. It works in two main ways owners list their vehicles and the users create accounts to hire the cars.

Listing a car

Listing your car as an owner is an easy peasy secure process. On the web homepage click on the tab list, your car then follows the instructions.

Provide the details of your car accordingly.

Next step is to fill in the location details. This is the address your customers will be able to reach you at.

Be keen to key in the correct car details. Take your time in filling this part to avoid mistakes.

Next one will be required to set up the timings within the week for the car availability.

Here one will be required to set the price per day, week and monthly. The company will also indicate the amount someone will earn after the deductions of the necessary fees.

The final step is to add the photos of the car to be leased. Add clear pictures and make sure the resolution is high to attract customers to the listing.

With that, the car is now ready to be hired out!

Hiring a car

Hiring a car has never been easier! The rent a car club company has created a simple platform for hiring any car within Thailand for the preferred number of days. The first step is to create an account using your email address or by linking it with the facebook account. The web page will require you to set up personal details such as driving license, full names, contact information and payment methods. The accepted means of payment are via VISA. Mastercard and Discover enabled credit cards.

The second step is to click on the tab RENT A CAR from the homepage which will lead to the page as the picture below:

Here one gets to select the days and your current address. Someone will then get a list of cars available within that period in the selected address. Request the preferred car and that’s it! The hirer will then be contacted by the owner once they approve the request.

The hirer and the owner of the car will then agree on a meeting place where the car keys will be exchanged. The fuel of the car should be full as the hirer will be required to return the car in the same condition after the expiry of the selected number of days.


Rent a car club have definitely taken the necessary measures to ensure security for both parties transacting. First of all your car will be safe as they maintain personal data of the hirer. They have also partnered with CompareKa Insurance Company that ensures the policy covered on the vehicle caters for theft and accidents.

There is an available 24/7 customer care service that will be always ready to take all queries. RCC also provides free towing service to the home of the owner or to the nearest mechanic.


This is clearly the easiest and the most convenient means of hiring a car!

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