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Hire Out Other People’s Cars

Sharing cars within a neighbourhood will make a community grow in the right direction. It gives one the flexibility to drive and be driven when you want and with the car you want to be driven in. This is mutually beneficial as you are able to make some savings as well as earn some money.

In this way, we are able to meet the goals and needs of our community by reaching into the lives of the members. We decided to have do a short interview with one of the car owners in our community known as Ying. He owns a Nissan Tiida but had hired a car from someone else in the community. We wanted to find out why he did not use his own car to travel but instead hired from someone else.

“My car was fully booked due to its popularity and I had to look for another car to take me to my friends house urgently. I was able to quickly find a far that would serve my needs in the area.”

What made you list your car on Rent a Car Club?

My wife and I travel a lot to visit friends and family using the train; costing us a lot. It is difficult to access the remote areas and we have also experienced many train delays. This is what lead us to buy a car. When we realised the car can still be hired while we are not using it even on normal working days; we decided to list it on Rent a Car Club.

One major advantage of listing the car on Rent a Car Club was the fact that is has helped in covering all the running costs of the vehicle. Supporting the neighborhood and meeting some of their needs is a big plus.

Do you know approximately how much you have earned from the time you listed your vehicle on Rent a Car Club?

Our car was bought in the month of June last year and we listed it on Rent a Car Club after a few days. So far we have made £1300 of bookings which has covered most of the running costs so far.

What was your experience with the car you hired from John?

The car was only a few years old and had done about 30,000 miles. It was well maintain and in very good condition making it excellent to drive. The owner delivered and also collected the car from us without charging as we lived close to each other. The communication between us was good making the process very simple.

Would you want to rent a car again from one of our owners?

We will surely hire again in the future considering how our Nissan Tilda has become popular with our customers and we will not be able to use it if someone has already hired. The last experience was great and we look forward to using the cars from your pool again.

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