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Find  a few points from Ying, one of our most popular car owners

We always get excited when we hear testimonies of our community members creating close friendships because of car sharing. Sometime before the festive break, we happened to meet up with Ying, who always has his car out on Rent A Car. That encounter with Ying gave us a chance to talk about what caused him to list his car, the friendships he had created and also advice he had for other car owners.

How did you come across Rent A Car?

I reached a point in my life where I could no longer bear the frustrations at work and I made up my mind to seek an alternative. It was then that I got the idea of hiring out my car to make some money. 
I discovered Rent A Car and got the knowledge that a general cost-effective car like Toyota Aygo was the right one to get and hire out. I made sure I bought one at a reasonable price, got my car registered with Rent A Car and the following day rental money started coming in.

Have you had the same drivers hire out your car more than once?

Yes, a lot of them. There is one particular person called Peter who commutes for about an hour to take my car because of the tight friendship we have formed. One day my car had a problem that needed to be fixed by a mechanic, when he came for it, I kindly told him to give me time to have it fixed. Guess what? I couldn’t believe it when he offered to fix it. He was a trained mechanic, and I had no idea. So that day he got the car for free, and I did not have to pay for fixing it to get fixed.

Any top tips for other owners?

Make sure you don’t overrate your price. Maintain the average price because clients will not be willing to pay more while they can pay less elsewhere for the same services. Try your best to be very reasonable while pricing to make a name for yourself. For the first few months, you can give a discount on the price to attract clients and acquire good reviews. You can later on slightly increase the price and see how the clients will react to the change.
  2. You should be pleasant and considerate to everybody. Always get time to interact with them when they come for the car. Teach them about the assorted car features. Most importantly, always make them feel appreciated and at home.
  3. Maintain neatness and cleanness of the car. This will make your vehicle enjoyable to both the driver and the clients.
  4. Be sincere always. Make sure you let the drivers know of any problems the car has before they take it to avoid any confusion at the end of the day.
  5. Note that you need to take responsibility on some hits on your vehicle just for the sake of maintaining a good relationship with the driver. It is hard to avoid, a few dents and scratches now and then but don’t worry they will be covered up by the rental money you get. Make sure you get your car rented frequently.

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