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A Driving Guide Bangkok to Pattaya

On the drive from Bangkok to Pattaya there is no need to be in a hurry. There are many different places in which you could stop for a leisurely visit or spend several days. Make it your vacation of a lifetime and be sure to bring your camera to take lots of pictures.

Bang Saen

The awesome beach of Bang Saen is located approximately ts hirteen kilometers from Chonburi City. Here you can enjoy fresh water bathing. A visitor can stretch their beach towel on the sane or rent a deck chair. Along the beach you will find drink and seafood vendors. It is located along Thailand’s Eastern Gulf Coast and from Bangkok it is the closest beach. The town itself is considered a sleepy little town during the week but on the weekend it turns into a fantastic city. Most of the visitors to this beach are Thai but there are still foreigners that visit the beach. In Bang Saen there is a Scandinavian village with a population of around three hundred so you can also visit this village. Many of the shop names and menus are bilingual but a few are in English.

While visiting here it is recommended that you get around by cycling oyr walking. You can rent either a bicycle or motorbike from many of the shops around town. When you get tired of sunbathing there is a bike trail you can enjoy that will take you around the beach. You can also visit the Institute of Marine Science Aquarium and Museum and while they have feeding times for various species that you can observe. The aquarium has a realistic underwater environment. Make sure that you take the time to visit the Bang Saen Walking Street, or Nong Mon which are a local markets great for shopping.

Chonburi City

This city is approximately two hours from Bangkok and is the capita of Chonburi Providence. Chonburi City has been a popular seaside town for a long period of time and is also an agricultural site. They grow plants like sugar cane and rubber trees. While here you can visit the seaside fishing village of Ang Sila where most of the villagers are skilled in making items like pestle and mortar from granite along with figurines of animals. Another place to visit is the Khao Kheow Open Zoo that has approximately three hundred species totaling about eight thousand animals. Make sure to take the awesome night safari.

If you want to see some wild monkeys you need to visit Khao Sam Muk, whick is a low hillock where you can see a panoramic view of the Bang Saen Beach. There are also many shrines in this area that you can visit to see architectural art, mural paintings, concrete Buddha image that is decorated with mosaic tiles, and more. If you like wine visit the only vineyard in the East of Thailand called Silverlake Vineyard. In addition to spectacular views for pictures, you can take a ride in a horse drawn carriage, ride an elephant or ATV. You can also take a bus tour around the vineyard.

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