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Seven Awesome New Years Road Trips From Bangkok

When in Bangkok on New Year’s there are many road trips for you to do. The first thing you need to do is rent a car Bangkok but make sure you make reservations in advance to ensure you get a car. You can also use the rent a car club for your transportation.


When visiting here the best place to celebrate New Year’s is on Surin Beach but in order do this you have to have a ticket. The tickets cost about sixty-five dollars US currency or you can pay approximately sixty five thousand dollars US currency for a private floating villa. The party generally lasts two days and includes laser light shows, live music, DJ’s all on a floating stge.

Chiang Mai

The New Year’s celebrations here are not on the grand scale like Bangkok but do guarantee fun. Two places you can find celebrations is Tha Pae Gate and Tha Pae Road. They will be offering drink and food stalls along with dancers for the tourist’s entertainment. The restaurants, bars, and hotels located in Chiang Mai will also offer their own parties. At midnight there will be a fireworks display but on by the Chiang Mai municipality.


Here New Year’s celebrations start on Christmas day and all throughout Pattaya you will find girls, booze, and bands so there will be fun for everyone. This has always been considered a big party place so expect to find a lot of people here. To ring in the New Year there will be a big fireworks.

Ko Phangan Island

This is not the New Year’s party you want to attend if you want your party to have some type of order and is not a wild roller coaster ride. This is a small island in the Gulf of Thailand. There will be thousands of people partying on the Haad Rin Beach to party, dance, eat, and drink till the sun comes up. And as with all New Year’s celebrations in Thailand there will be fireworks at midnight.



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