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How to Make Your Rent-a-car Clubs Listing More Visible

When rent a car Thailand the best way to do it is to use rent a car club. All you have to do is select the location where you want to pick up the car and date. You will be renting a car from real owners and you will meet them at the location you have selected. You will be allowed to inspect the car before you accept the keys. All of these rentals will come with comprehensive insurance. You will just need to make sure the tank is full when you return the car.

As an owner of the car you can list your car for free on the Rent-a-car club for free. You will always be in charge of who rents your car and when. Once you approve the rental request the one renting the car will pay for it and you will be notified that the car rental has been paid. Before you hand over the keys you both will sign the rental agreement. When the car is returned you should check to make sure that it is in the same condition that you rented it.

To make sure that your rent-a-car club listing is visible to more people here are some things you should do:

  • Enable booking instantly—this means that when a potential customer clicks on your car and wants to rent it, they do it immediately without your confirmation. With this feature you have to frequently update the availability of your car so you do not have to cancel unwanted requests.
  • Reasonably price—if you set your rental price a little below the current rate based on the year, condition of the car, the model and where you have to deliver and pick it up on return. Check the charge for comparable cars for rent and then set your price. You can use Automatic Pricing tool to make sure that your listing is going too offered at a competitive rate. This tool will adjust your price to match the demand and give you a boost in earnings.
  • The description of your car should be detailed—make sure your description is thoroughly written so the renters will be encouraged to book your car. Some things you can include would how to operate any of the special features it has and how much space, including trunk space. Renters want to make sure that the cars they rent has adequate space for their luggage and for the number of people in their party without being cramped. You should include list if there is any special directions for picking up and returning the car. Make sure that when you are filling out the features section that you are doing it accurately and completely.
  • Make sure that when you upload photos of your car that they are clear and bright and show all sides of the car along with the inside if possible. This will help to ensure that your car will be the one renters choose.



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