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Off the Beaten Track in Thailand: Places you can Only get to by Car

When you visit Thailand you will find that it is a beautiful, vibrant, yet relaxing place to visit. One thing that makes this country a great vacation destination is that there are places you can visit off the beaten track. Just rent a car Bangkok or rent a car Thailand and enjoy visiting these destinations.

Erawan Waterfalls

This is a bit of a journey from Bangkok but a place that is well worth the travel time to get there. It is a great place to relax after you have spent some time in the capital because of the turquoise water bliss. You will find these waterfalls inside the Erawan National Park. The waterfalls are not all that popular with tourist because they are far from Bangkok and many do not want to travel that distance. Here you will find seven tiers of waterfalls, which is great for those who like to hike. You can hike to the top of these waterfalls. There are also pools for swimming.

Wednesday market

You will find this little gem in Pai and is a favorite place with backpackers. If you want you can stay in a wooden bungalow along the river. In addition to the to the Wednesday market, there are also some amazing hot springs that you can get to by renting a motorbike. This area also offers some great views so make sure you have your camera with you. Each Wednesday the market offers stalls selling spices, fabrics, and vintage things.

Pang Ung

This destination is often referred to as the Switzerland of Thailand and is called this because of the hill tribe village and small alpine lake. It is located in the mountains of Mae Hon Song province. The road there is windy and steep so not many tourists visit because of this. One of the best ways to enjoy this destination is to rent one of the tents around the lake so you can get up early to watch the sunrise.


This distinct province is surrounded by mountains and has been isolated for centuries from Thailand, which has given this province its own unique culture. It was integrated from a separate kingdom in to the Bangkok government in 1933. To be able to really experience all Nan has to offer you should spend a Saturday night in order to see the Saturday Night Market. In Nan, this is the only place where you will find the distinct herb makhwaen grown. It is similar to the Sichuan Pepper. The herb can be used to treat sore throats and coughs but the people here like to put it on pork and fried chicken. You cannot find this unique spicy flavor outside this province.

Lampang Elephant Conservation Center

You cannot call a trip to Northern Thailand complete without seeing the elephants and this is the best place to do so. It is the only one that is run by the Thai government and is a leader in medical care and research for elephants in Thailand.

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