Rent a Car Club

When renting a car it is vital that you make sure you rent the right car that suits your needs, for example if you are a family of four mum, dad and the the two kids then you would not want to rent a car like a ferrari, something more suitable as a family car rental is something like a Honda or Toyota.

Rent a Car Club is a proud partner with viriyah who is the largest car insurance provider in Thailand you not are only covered by the biggest Insurance company for your car rental but it is class 1 that is the highest insurance so you have complete peace of mind when renting a car with rent a car club. We also pride ourselves on being the only peer 2 peer car rental company in Thailand that works around the clock for you 24/7 and 365 days a year.

What are you waiting for give us a go rent a car with us today and you wont regret it, if you need us we are here for you.