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Ubon Ratchathani is one of the four largest cities ofIslan. Located on the banks of the Mun River, the city is blessed withbeautiful cultural and historical attractions. UbonRatchathani sits some 629 kilometers from Bangkok and is rapidly risingas an international tourist destination. The region is known for its amazinglandscapes featuring incredible plateaus, mountain ranges, and sandstonecliffs. Adding to Ubon Ratchathani's natural appeal, Phu Chong Nayoi and PhaTaem National Parks are two of Islan's most natural ecotourism preserves.Visitors get to indulge in Thai festivities headlines by the Candle Festival,held in early July on Khao Phansa day, marking the beginning of the rainyseason retreat. Displays and processions are done at the Thung Si Muang Parknext to the City Hall. The laidback nature of the city and the serene andrelaxed atmosphere make the city preferred for weekend getaways. Add to thatthe century-old Buddhist temples, pre-historic rock paintings, deliciousseafood and quality accommodation the city and the city can have you smitten.

Ubon Ratchathani International Airport is convenientlylocated within the city and a walking distance to the town center. Airlineoperating the route include Nok Air, Air Asia, and Thai Airways. You can getdaily flights to Bangkok's Don Muang Airport (DMK). The city can also beaccessed via train, bus service and car rentals. Once in the city, gettingaround is quite simple but can be confusing at times. The most common means arethe town bus service, motorcycle taxis, and tuk-tuks. However, for ease andcomfort, car rentals are the most preferred by visitors. With a personal car,tourists are able to cruise with liberty and see what the city is all about.The best option is the Rent a Car Club company,available not only in Ubon Ratchathani but alsoin all the major cities and towns in the country.

Booking a rental car in Ubon Ratchathani

Rent a CarUbon Ratchathani club offers premiumservices with a wide array of vehicles that will undoubtedly meet all yourtravel needs as well as taste. The range of cars include 4x4s, SUVs, sedans,convertibles and more. The booking process is simplified and by simply visitingthe Ubon Ratchathani Rent a Car Clubofficial website, you can easily access their services. Upon clicking thebooking section, you will be prompted to select your pick up location from theresulting drop-down menu. Be sure to input your proper start and return datesso as to get the right billing. With car rentalUbon Ratchathani, making a booking is made easier and what's more, by redeemingyour promo code you will get discounted prices.

Pick up locations in Ubon Ratchathani

You can basicallyrent a car from most of the locations in and around the city. The mostcommon include

·        Ubon Ratchathani InternationalAirport

·        Central Ubon Ratchathani

·        Wing 21 Golf Club

·        Sunee Grand Hotel & Convention center

·        Along Nopphakhun Rd

General requirements of the Rent aCar Club

The legislationof Thailand requires all drivers to be over the age of 21 years. The companyencourages clients to ensure they possess each of the following when renting acar;

·        An Identity card or passport

·        A driver's license or an international permit

·        A valid payment method 

The rent a carUbon club offers reliable services to clients and maintains all vehiclesserviced and as result, in good conditions. Additional benefits of using Rent acar include;

·        24/7 Service

·        Multiple branches

By getting a car rental Ubon Ratchathani youcan easily follow travel plans without the hassles of the public transport.

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