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If you are on the look-out for an exotic vacation destination that offers some of the world's best beaches, sizzling, and spicy foods and more shopping than you can imagine, Thailand is the place for you. Hospitality here is a crafted art and you are sure to be well rested and relaxed from the bustle and hassle of real life. Thailand offers a variety of different places to visit and things to do such as visit the northernmost city Chiang Rai where you can visit various souvenir stalls to get the best gifts for your friends and family back home, visit the quiet village of Pai to bask in the relaxing atmosphere or visit the flourishing city of Chiang Mai and take in the beautiful historic and modern Thai architecture.

To see this beautiful country in its fullness, rent a car from Rentacar club so as to travel at you own pace and terms. Renting a car saves you the money that would have otherwise been spent on buses and tuk- tuks. You are able to truly see the sights and enjoy every little part of the country then you would do so in any van or bus. Contact with the car owner makes the process more personal than dealing directly with the rental companies.

Below you will find various tips and tricks to help you rent a car in Thailand and explore the country to its fullest:

What you will need

When renting a car, there is the option of having someone chauffeur you around but for the ultimate experience, driving yourself is most preferred. You will need a full license from your home country that is not probationary. Rentacar Club may also need you to obtain an international driving permit from your home country as well. Documentation to prove your identity should be easily available in case the rental company needs verification. This rental club has an age restriction of 21 years and as such that should be considered when planning your trip abroad.

The renting process

Renting a car from Rentacar Club is as simple as a few taps and swipes. The membership is free and registering at our site will give you access to the car database. Interested customers can also easily download the Rentacar Club Android App or Apple IOS application.

If you are a regular visitor to Thailand and as such you need long term rental, provisions have been put in place by the different service providers. Renting for periods extending from one month to five years is possible and a quick link up with your chosen company results in a quotation and a clear picture of the services they cater for. Rent a car in Thailand and explore the city visiting the numerous temples, royal palaces, and the famous floating markets.

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