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Basic Tips For Renting a Car In

Whether it’spersonal or on business, exploring Thailand is best done behind the wheels ofyour own car. But, being far away from home means your car is nowhere to beseen. Fortunately, car rental nakhon si thammarat services are quite cheap inThailand. More importantly, though, is that they’re quite easy to find.

Rental car companies in Thailand are often found near airports. This is soas to make them visible and easier to find. Most companies offer packages thatalready include a driver, which is great since it saves you from the trouble ofhaving to drive for yourself in a foreign country. Besides, even if you don’tmind exploring on your own, having a driver means you’ll be able to enjoy thescenery better.

Most rent a car nakhon si thammarat drivers are courteous and respectful. They definitely won’t mindtouring you around the best tourist spots in the area. Although not necessary,be sure to buy the driver something for lunch. The driver initially may refuse,but do insist. They’ll appreciate the gesture. 

How Much Willit Cost?

The costsusually vary depending on the location, but nationwide nakhon si thammarat rent a car cheap services do have standard prices.

As a startingpoint, you can expect car rental nakhon si thammarat to cost you around US$30 to US$35 a day. That’s without thedriver, but with the 7% VAT included. Do note that the company may require adeposit as a guarantee. Although you can use your credit card and get away withrenting without a deposit.

Tips forDriving in Thailand

If you reallyinsist on driving yourself, be sure to keep in mind the following things first:

·        In Thailand, you drive on theleft and the driver’s side is on the right. This is similar to what’s practicedin the UK.

·        Thailand can get very hotduring the day, so be sure to bring water with you to keep yourself hydrated atall times.

·        Drive defensively. Not justbecause you’re driving in a foreign country, but because Taxi and bus driversin Thailand tend to be reckless.

·        Motorcycle riders can be quiteaggressive too. Stay away from them if you can.

·        Parking is often free, if notrelatively cheap. Although drivers are expected to leave their cars in neutralto make it easier for it to be pushed out of the way if necessary.

·        Talking on the phone is illegaland can get you ticketed.

·        Driving at night isn’trecommended because of heavy truck traffic on the road.

As an addedtip, try to check the level of insurance offered by the car rental nakhon si thammarat services first. Some companiesmight sell you on offering full insurance, when in fact they only carry a basiclevel of insurance. Do double check just to be safe.

Finally, ifyou’re not someone who travels frequently. Or, if you’re from the United Stateswhere driving is different, it would be better for you to look for a rent a car nakhon si thammarat company that offers car rentals with drivers to save yourself from stress and hassle.

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