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Nakhon Pathom is a history-rich city in central Thailand located at just 57kmwest of the capital, Bangkok. The city is endowed with beautiful cultural andhistorical attractions most notably the Phra Pathom Chedi, the tallest stupa inthe world at some 120.5 meters. The region is popular among the Thai and isincreasingly becoming an international attraction. Among its most famousattraction, are archaeological findings with some dating as early as the 4thcentury. Visitors also get a tour of the Sanam Chan Palace which was the summerresidence for King Rama VI. Add to that the Nakhon Pathom's grand temple festival in November andcentury old temples such as the Wat Phra Ngam and Wat Bang Phra and the citybecomes a must visit.

The city can be accessed by bus, train or car from Bangkok in lessthan an hour. Tourists, as well as the locals, prefer to use affordable car rentals in Nakhon Pathom with liberty andcomfort in mind. With a personal car, you will be able to cruise around thecity and its environs with see and get to take in the marvels of the city withfree rein. The best option is the Rent a Car Club company, available not only in Nakhon Pathom but also in all the major cities and towns in the country.

Booking a rental car in Nakhon Pathom

Rent a Car Nakhon Pathom club offers premiumservices with a wide array of vehicles that will undoubtedly meet all yourtravel needs as well as taste. The range of cars include 4x4s, SUVs, sedans,convertibles and more. The booking process is simplified and by simply visitingthe NakhonPathom Rent a Car Club official website, youcan easily access their services. On clicking the booking section, you will beprompted to select your pick up location from a resulting drop-down menu. Besure to input your proper start and return dates so as to get the right billing.With car rental Nakhon Pathom, booking is made easier and by redeeming your promo code you canget a discounted price.

Pick up locations in Nakhon Pathom

You can basically rent a car from most of the locations inand around the city. The most common include

·        Central Nakhon Pathom

·        Sanam Chan Post Office

·        Tanon Songphol Rd

·        Malaiman

General requirements of the Rent a Car Club

The legislation of Thailand requires all drivers to be over theage of 21 years. The company encourages clients to ensure they possess each ofthe following when renting a car;

·        An Identity card or passport

·        A driver's license or an international permit

·        A valid payment method

The Rent a Car Nakhon Pathom club stands out among the rental companies and offers reliableservices to clients and maintains all vehicles serviced and as result, in goodcondition. Additional benefits of using Rent a car include;

·        24/7 Service

·        Multiple branches across the country

·        Cars suitable for every occasion (personal and family purposes).

·        Efficient and helpful online customer service

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