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Loei is a town in northeastThailand covering the whole tambon of Mueang Loei District and is thecapital of Loei Province. It is one of the sparsely populated places in the wholeof the country with its population of around 35,000 accounting for its laidback nature. The city boasts natural unspoiled attractions making one of therapidly rising ecotourism destinations in the world. The entire province isdecorated by beautiful mountains whose fog covered summits are a sight tobeyond. The city is famous for its fiestas that attract thousand from aroundthe country and the neighboring regions. The Phi Ta Khon festival sometimesknown as the Ghost festival is the biggest and is identifiable through thecolorful masks and costumes which can also be scary looking. Get ready to bethrilled by hurrahs and grins of the festival and the yummy Thai dishes. Youcan visit the Loei museum, the serene Phupha Lom Forest Park or the expansive Phu BoBit. Loei is filled with exciting cultural attractions and a variety ofcharming outdoor activities ranging from nature trails to climbing the PhuKradueng mountain known for its Jurassic formations. Quite frankly, touringthis city can be quite a pleasant experience.

Loei town can be accesseddaily from Bangkok's Don Mueang Airport with Nok Air. Loei airport is located afew minutes’ drive south of the town. The town has a reliable transport systemmainly relied on the bus service. However, to avoid the chaos of public transport,both the locals and prefer either use taxis or rent a car. Rentals arethe cheaper option and not only that, but they also help streamline yourtravels over the course of your stay. The best option is the Rent a Car Club company, available notonly in Loei but also in all the major cities and towns in the Thailand.

Booking a rental car in Loei

Rent a Car Loeicluboffers premium services with a wide array of vehicles that will undoubtedlymeet all your travel needs as well as taste. The process is simplified and bysimply visiting the Rent a Car Club’s official website, you can easily make a booking. On clicking thebooking section, you will be prompted to select the pick-up location nearest toyou from a list. Be sure to input your proper start and return dates so as toget the right billing. With Rent a car club Loei, making a booking is made easier and what’s more, by redeemingyour promo code you will get discounted prices.

Pick up locations in Loei

You can basically rent a car from most of the locations in and around the city. The most commoninclude;

·        Loei town center

·        Along Rum Chai Road

·        Loei palace

·        Phu Bo Bit

·        Baiboon Grand Hotel

General requirements of theRent a CarClub

·        The legislation of Thailand requires all drivers to be over theage of 21 years. The company encourages clients to ensure they possess each ofthe following when renting a car;

·        An Identity card or passport

·        A driver’s license or an international permit

·        A valid payment method

The rent a car company Loei branch offers reliable services to clients and maintains allvehicles serviced 24 hours a day. 

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