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Korat, officially known as Nakhonratchasima,is one of four major cities of Isan and the capital of Nakhon RatchasimaProvince. Korat city doesn’t onlyshare the same name as the significant gray-furred and green-eyed cat breedthat has Thailand origins but is also well known for its diverse history andculture that attracts people from all over the world.

For tourists as well as the locals anefficient transportation system is an essential factor that keeps them activeand mobile in this fast modern world. Public transportation in Korat is well-organized and efficient.However, the schedules don’t offer time liberty for visitors to explore allhidden secrets of the city without the feeling of rush and stress.

Fortunate enough, Korat is under the patronage of our newreliable Rent a Car Club service excellent for tourists thatare traveling alone or in groups and even for people that temporary live inThailand and want to avoid the inconveniences of buying and later on selling anew car.

Build personal bondwith local car owners in Korat

Our Rent a Car Clubis a well-organized business that practices peer-to-peer carrental service that helps the local car owners and those who are lookingfor rental cars benefit from each other with thehelp of our website. In other words, our direct assistance helps tourists andlocals build a stronger personal bond.

To get in touch with your ideal carowner all you have to do is visit Rent a Car Club officialwebsite, that is designed in ergonomic and straightforward fashion, and createyour personal account. After the completion of your profile, you can then startsearching for your vehicle by narrowing down the car selection according tolocation, price, and features.

When you find a rental car that meetsyour personal needs, simply describe your usage intentions to the car owner andsettle the deal. After the confirmation of your booking request all you have todo left is pick up the car keys and start your road adventure.

Requirements of theRent a Car Club

As any other rental service, the Renta Car Club also has its rental policy and rules a customer has tofulfill to successfully rent a vehicle. Here is a list of general requirements:

·        Minimum age is 21 years.

·        Proof of identification (Passport orID card).

·        Domestic driving license orinternational driving permit.

·        A valid credit card. 

Why should youchoose Rent a Car Club?

How does the Renta Car Club in Korat stand out from the competition and why should a personchoose us? Well, here are just a few of the benefits that Renta Car Club can offer you.

·        Rent a Car Clubis free to join.

·        The company has numerous branchesscattered all over the Thailand, including the city of Korat,Phuket, Rayong, Chonburi, Pattaya, Chiang Mai and many more.

·        Rent a car Clubhas a well-designed website that makes the booking process super easy.

·        Rent a Car Cluboffers cars suitable for every occasion (personal, business and family purposes).

·        Rent a Car Clubis an honest and reliable company.

·        The progressive peer-to-peer servicehelps keep the Thailand free of excessive polluting by keeping the alreadyexisting cars active. 

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